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Pets are permitted and shall be confined to the camping unit, or kept on a leash attached to the camping unit, or held in hand. Electronic control methods such as buried electric pet fences, shock collars, etc., do not satisfy the leash requirements  nor are they permitted. Pets should never be tied to a tree. Owners are responsible for the actions of their pet(s). Owners must clean up after their animal(s), at least daily.  Kennels must be maintained in a sanitary fashion, and must be able to safely secure the pet within the confines of the structure.

Pets must be listed on the registration form on the camping permit as to name, breed and date of last rabies vaccination along with any additional information required by the local County Health Department. No pet shall be allowed to cause any nuisance. No dangerous or vicious dogs are permitted on The Rock Campground properties. No pets will be allowed in our cabins under any conditions! 

A duly authorized agent may direct that any animal(s) be removed from the campground if said animal(s) is menacing, disturbing the peace, or creating a nuisance. Said agent may arrange for the removal of said animal(s) by the proper authorities.
If you can not follow the rules pertaining to your pet please do NOT come. Thank you!