Our RV Sites

We can not accommodate RV's that are over 10 years old for extended stay-Weekenders are okay! We apologize for the inconvenience.

We do not offer refunds on Monthly sites!

Our RV sites offer several amenities. We are located near mile marker 34 off of the Silver Comet Trail. We have plenty of clean restrooms, showers, over 100 RV sites. We have a private fishing lake for registered guests.

We have:

  • Water
  • Electric
  • Sewage
  • 30 & 50 AMP sites
  • Fire rings will not be provided, but you are welcome to bring an above ground covered fire pit. 

Our rates vary depending on the season, so feel free to contact us for pricing. Rest easy here at The Rock! 

***You must be here and be set up during normal business hours 9 AM-5 PM. Absolutely no set up after sundown. Although we understand that something may happen such as accidents, or traffic, we are a small family business and have families/children to go home to. Please be considerate when planning your stay with us in regards to your arrival time. If you know you will show up later than our posted office hours-we ask that you stay at the Walmart parking lot over night and check in the following morning at 9 am***

***Also note, that it is your responsibility to check in and around your site before hooking up and make sure that you are not too close to any tree, object, other vehicle that might cause damage to your camper. We are not responsible for any damage that may happen to your camper while you are visiting with us.***

Thank you for understanding and apologize for the inconvenience it may cause in planning your trip!

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